Kind words from others.

Kind words from others.

The best thing I can say about Andrew is that he is a contrarian. Not to say he's difficult or obstinate, but that he provokes thinking. He challenges the status quo and is not afraid to ask "why?" until he understands. And once he understands the real problem at hand, and the real objectives of a brand, he attacks it with a brilliant creative mind. He's got a strong background in digital marketing and media but doesn't let it define him, or his ideas.  I'd be lucky to work with Andrew in the future, and so would you. 
- Ezra Englebart, Vice President Brand Planning at Bai Brands

Andrew is one of those people whom you want to be around. Period. He's smart, hard working, passionate, and a real pleasure to be with. He knows his area of expertise - Digital and Social media - and he has an opinion that's always thoughtful and sensible. When given the chance, I would pick Andrew to be on my team, every time.

- Steve Briggs, EVP Group Account Director at Hill Holliday

Andrew is one of my favorite colleagues, ever. He is a true team player, and his passion, knowledge and resourcefulness made every project he touched much, much better.

- Adam Cahill, President of Digilant USA

Andrew’s creative thinking, expertise, honest approach, and passion for great work makes him one of the best digital and social media thought leaders I have ever encountered. He stands behind his opinions but is not afraid to admit and learn from his mistakes. He has a proven track record of helping brands get it right in the digital space.

- Sharifah Niles-Lane, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Eastern Bank

Andrew understands the intersection of customers, business needs and technology and applies his understanding to develop unique and creative solutions. Bottom line he "gets it" and is a master at communicating what businesses need to do "right now" to get results. I consider him a colleague, friend and thought partner - he is a true value to any organization that he's involved with.

- Dan Holm, Director of Brand Marketing at Carrabba's Italian Grill

What sets Andrew apart is that he's as insightful about his partners' internal needs as he is about the emerging tools and strategies in new media and marketing as a whole. The end result is work that is not only relevant and effective, but also more likely to be executed, maximizing the investment. In short, Andrew "gets it."
- Andrew Winstanley, Director of Media and Distribution at Zillow

Andrew is a thought leader in the digital and social space. He is a great partner, and our team values his creative insights and point of view in our space. He is easy to work with, and always willing to share an honest and straightforward perspective.

- Emily Fink, Chief Marketing Officer at Liberty Mutual Insurance

Andrew's high degree of intellectual curiosity perfectly balances an optimistic futurist view that is peppered with a healthy dose of critical cynicism. He understands the power of digital and recognizes false promise. His quick wit and critical thinking make him an enjoyable and valuable member of any team. He understands that great creative isn't just "creative" but motivates action and uncovers new learning.

- Rob Gotti, Chief Marketing Officer at Not Your Average Joe's

Andrew is a rare breed who knows how to combine both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of marketing to produce incredible work. Every time I sit down with Andrew I learn something new or he offers a perspective I haven't considered. That is why he has become one of my go to people when I need help or an outside opinion anything marketing related.

- Brian Balfour, CEO and Founder of Reforge