Andrew Teman



A History of the Internet Told Through Retro Movie Sites

Unlike most Internet destinations, official movie websites are useful for a brief moment in time—making them a perfect capsule of a specific moment in Internet history. Like all promotional material, movie sites lose value not long after a film’s release. Yet, unlike a Times Square billboard, these sites (at least sometimes) neither get revamped nor get taken down because space out here is seemingly infinite and comparatively cheap. When faced with a choice to take down or continue hosting a site, movie studios probably figure, why bother removing them at all?

Thus we get these neglected pieces of Internet floating around the Web, like this untouched You’ve Got Mail site, which came to our attention through Twitter following writer-director Nora Ephron’s death Tuesday. With its 1998 release date, the website gives us a frozen-in-amber look at the what 1998 Internet looked like. (And this site is oh-so 1998.) Though many movie websites get taken down or have expired domains, we’ve found a handful of relics still out there, through which we can learn all about our Internet past.

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Andrew Teman