Andrew Teman

Thank You

I joined LinkedIn just over 10 years ago - June 14th, 2004 to be precise. And roughly since then, I’ve been meticulous about keeping in touch with people; helping whomever I could with whatever I could whenever I could, and just generally staying well-connected to my ever-expanding network.

I rarely, if ever, asked that network for much, aside from the occasional small introduction or favor.

So a few weeks ago, when I hit that network rather hard and very directly, asking for some help in guiding me towards my next professional venture, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I hoped that all of this diligence would pay off, and that it would rain opportunities, but I also was prepared for my call to be met with a deafening silence.

Sufficed to say, the response I got was overwhelming and humbling. So many people were so quick to offer so much. It was far more of a response than I had ever imagined would be.

The meetings, coffees, beers, leads, intros, advice, pep talks, candid talks, everything. Thank you so so so much to you all. I am so incredibly grateful for everything that everyone was able to do for me, and I cannot wait to be in a position to pay it back.

And in true bury-the-lede fashion, I’m happy to say that all of this network badgering actually paid off. I’m a free-agent no longer, and will be returning to the world of the working, in short order. More on that soon.

Thanks again, and see y'all out there.

Andrew Teman