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Your Technical Ignorance Is No Longer Acceptable

If you work in advertising in 2013, it’s is your obligation to be at least conversant in current technology and aware of possibilities that this technology provides. 

The “I don’t get that stuff” or “I’m not good with the technology” is no longer an acceptable attitude to have in this industry.

To be amazing at your role, let’s say as a board director or a leader of a business or department, doesn’t require you to be a programmer. But to navigate this sea change and how it’s impacting your business and day-to-day life, you need to be literate and quite skilled at tech, and not be afraid of it.

Directors train to speak like the geeks (from The Sunday Times)

Long past its cool prime and far too large to be hip, Starbucks, by going all-in on digital, gets insight into the wants and needs of today’s connected consumers in a way that keeps the brand top of mind. What we have, then, is a technology-steeped version of Starbucks that’s equal parts power retailer and innovator.
Starbucks, the tech company
Transcendent Social Media

I’ve been thinking a ton about bridging the digital/social/real worlds lately. I love stuff like this, where online tech comes to life in offline arenas. Those that think about social media (or shit, even just media in general) as being contained within the obvious spots, are missing the possibilities out there.

Through its new “Fashion Like” initiative, C&A has posted photos of a number of the clothing items it sells on a dedicated Facebook page, where it invites customers to “like” the ones that appeal to them. Special hooks on the racks in its bricks-and-mortar store, meanwhile, can then display those votes in real time, giving in-store shoppers a clear indication of each item’s online popularity.

Tech Blogging Is Mostly Shit

Amen. Brilliant post from MG Siegler, former Techcrunch writer. Content Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink.

Some of my favorite tidbits here.

The problem is systemic. Print circulation is dying and pageviews are all that matter in keeping advertisers happy. This means, whether writers like it or not, there’s an underlying drive for both sensationalism and more — more — more.

Read the stories that are published in the tech blogosphere tomorrow. Are most published because the writer put in a lot of work or original thought? No, most are published because more — more — more content leads to more — more — more pageviews.


Most are stories written with little or no research done. They’re written as quickly as possible. The faster the better. Most are just rehashing information that spread by some other means. But that’s great, it means stories can be written without any burden beyond the writer having to read a little bit and type words fast. Many are written without the writer even having to think.

And finally…

Press eat that shit up because they’re easy posts that are pre-packaged and require little thought. And the end result are Tweets/comments/Facebook posts about how “awesome” the story is. Dopamine! Backslaps all around! Everyone happy!

Well said MG. Beautifully done.