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Emailed Receipts

Does anyone out there know what the laws are concerning a retailer signing a user up to an email list, when that user gives their email address to the retailer specifically for the purposes of receiving their purchase receipt via email?

I am suspicious that certain retailers (namely Urban Outfitters), are offering to email you the receipts when you make an in-store purchase, but then also signing you up for their email list at the same time. Which sounds sketchy.

Particularly since there is no mention of this email list signup at the time of the transaction, nor is it mentioned on the printed receipts, or the site privacy policy.

Some quick Googling around, found others who ran into the same experience:

I got the receipt.  Deleted it before I even read the email and then I looked up at my other new emails and I have a second email from Urban Outfitters.  It said “Hello! Thanks for Signing Up to Receive Urban Outfitters Emails!“

But I was unable to find anything regarding the law here, and if they are within its bounds. Either way, it just feels wrong.