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Ethiopian Airlines Hijacking

Via @mkarolian this morning, I saw that the story of the Ethiopian Airlines hijacking broke on Reddit hours before the media picked it up.

Which isn’t terribly surprising, given the amount of people around the world that track aircraft and listen to the various tower feeds and chatter around the world.

The audio of the chatter between the tower and the hijacking pilot from the Ethiopian Airlines flight during the approach and landing, can be heard here.

It’s a bit tedious at times due to the long pauses and the formalities and codes that are generally used by ATC and the flight crew - all of which are fully in play here, due to the fact that the hijacker in this case was the aircraft’s co-pilot, not some standard terrorist.

But that tedium is actually what makes this audio compelling. In my opinion anyhow.

There’s something truly fascinating about a situation that is normally so chaotic (a hijacking), unfolding with the calm and orderly formality that normally comes with ATC instructing a pilot in for landing.

Worth a listen in the background of whatever you’re doing today.


I was watching the morning news on WBZ the other day, and the weather woman (Melissa Mack) seemed to be wearing what looked like an ankle bracelet. The house-arresty kind. I can’t imagine that’s what it was - I’m assuming it was a microphone pack, but I’d never seen a microphone pack on the ankle.

Anyone know which it is?