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Thanks for 2013

I don’t think we say “thank you” enough.

So rather than a look back at 2013 with some digital flip-book that’s all about me, and all of the things that I did, I wanted to look back and say “thanks” to some of the people that made this year amazing.

There were a lot of personal changes for me in 2013, but one of the biggest was most certainly a leap from the comforts of a great full-time job, into the unknown chaos of entrepreneurship. And this crazy leap was padded by so many amazing people, all of which were quick to offer help, guidance, space, resources, introductions, and even the occasional kick-in-the-ass whenever we needed.

Brian, Adam, Rebecca, Ben, Baba, Chris, Jenna, Kirsten, Scott, Jef, Marty & Tim, Amy, Amy, Aaron, Rachel, Craig, Tyler, Chris, Christos, Tom, Will, and Michelle (just to name a few), were quick to offer their assistance and ask “how can I help?”, even when they had nothing personal to gain in doing so. And for that, a huge thank you.

I also need to say thank you to the total strangers who flooded my inbox with enthusiastic support and encouragement in the days after we first launched. I can’t tell you how much these “go get ‘em” emails helped to power us through the “holy shit…what are we doing?” panic moments that came during that first week.

very special thanks goes to Sarah and Dana, for letting Thomas and I crash at over the back half of summer and into the fall. When Sarah offered us the space one morning over coffee, without any hesitation (and again, with nothing to gain for herself), it was a powerful reminder that Boston’s startup community is just that, a community. Entrepreneurs in this city truly look out for one another, and Sarah is a shining example of that spirit in action. In 2014, it’s something we look forward to paying back in a big way.

We also owe thanks to Jon and the team at T3 Advisors for finding us killer office space, and all along the way, shattering our notions of what commercial realtors are like. The folks at T3 just play at a whole other level, and are putting the rest of the commercial real-estate category to shame.

And to Shannon and team at New Leaf Legal, for keeping us smart and safe and ahead of contracts and leases and all of the other paperwork that comes with running a business.

There probably aren’t enough words to say thanks to my partner in crime, Thomas. Before we decided to start Heart, we spent many evenings together at Clarke’s, talking through every intimate detail and possibility of what this change would mean for both of us as individuals, and together as a team. It’s rare to meet and connect with someone on a professional and personal level like we have. For ten years, I’ve toyed on and off with “doing something on my own”, and it wasn’t until Thomas and I met and began to talk, that the idea became a reality. There simply is no Heart without him, so thank you.

There also is no Heart without Hill Holliday, where I spent the two years prior, working with some of the best and smartest people I’ve had the opportunity to be around. I love(d) my immediate team - Mike, Brad, Kelsey, Noah, Ryan, Jess, Folu, Mazy, and Chris, as well as the extended family (and it really is a family) that makes Hill what it is. Thank you to everyone there for everything you’ve done for me. I’m a better person and professional for having spent time with you all. I’ll always be rooting for you guys.

Thanks to all of the clients and partners that I had the good fortune to work with over the past year. Even though we advertising-folk tend to curse them out far too often, and bemoan (what we perceive to be) their lack of creative vision, I owe them all many thanks for giving me the opportunity, their trust, and frankly the budget, to do fun things for them in 2013. Here’s to another great year.

Thank you to the new friends I’ve made this year, and to old acquaintances that have become true friends. Thanks to Phil, for being a great guy, and for making Matt happy. And to Matt, for becoming an even better friend, and co-conspirator in this DIY work experiment we’re both on. Thanks to Dan for becoming my texting buddy, and for making the time to hang on his trips up to Boston. Thanks to Ovi, for an unexpectedly fun dinner, and chats about beers and brands and babies. Thanks to Skye for being awesomely supportive and enthusiastic for what we’re doing, from 3,000 miles away. And thanks to Aaron, Ryan, Bird and the rest of the rag-tag team of makers that we had the chance to work with this year. You’re all fantastic creatives and even better people. 

To family - old and new, close and extended, real and honorary, thank you. For vacations, meals, holidays, support, love, and understanding. Thank you all for everything.

And the biggest thank you of all, needs to go to my best friend, my partner-in-crime, my better-half, my incredibly patient and understanding wife Erica. For putting up with my dumb jokes, my specificity and curiosity, my quirks, my stubbornness, my messiness, my deliberateness and my impulsiveness. And for most of all, letting me make an absolutely crazy career move after we learned we were going to have our first child. Thank you for being completely amazing, every single day. Our world is about to change dramatically, and there is no one I’d rather be doing it with.

To those that weren’t mentioned specifically - and there are many many of you - thank you. Whether it was an email, a phone call, a beer or coffee, perhaps a Tweet or a quick chat, all of you had a more profound impact on my year than you probably realize. 

Let’s do it all again (and better) in 2014.


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