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Despite the added time or attention required to angle the camera and adjust the lens so as to capture the best shot of the object in its entirety, the act of photographing the object appears to enable people to dismiss the object from memory, thereby relying on the external devise of the camera to “remember” for them.
How Instagram Alters Your Memory
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It seems like the more inconsequential people’s achievements become, the more sanctimonious about them they get. Your Facebook profile and the stupid photos you take on your phone are not bars of gold. Get over yourself.
In Defense Of Instagram
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The very basis of Instagram is not just to show off, but to feign talent we don’t have, starting with the filters themselves….Instagram and photo apps like it are shallow mediums that will generate shallow results. They are there for people to showcase something that doesn’t deserve a platform.
Everything that is wrong with Instagram
____ Is The New Hot Thing

Color is the new hot thing.

Google Plus…new hot thing.

Wait, no, PATH. So hot.

Remember Diaspora? That was going to be the hottest.

Can I Instagram my yFrog photos and cross-post them to Twitpic and Tumblr?

Spotify kills Pandora kills iTunes, and then Google Music kills everyone.

As someone that works professionally in the world of social media strategy, it seems near impossible to stay on top of the newest and the hottest and the XYZ killers of the moment. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the average user.

While we nerderati love being early adopters and pronouncing 10 minute old products dead, while we gush over the new hotness, the average user largely ignores these apps and sites as they come and go.

The stuff that we argue about and use obsessively but temporarily, the regular Joe or Jane likely never even noticed.

I don’t know that it’s a perfect way to think about it, but I try and look at all new apps and social platforms through the same lens. I try and ask the same question…

Does this app give me something that I’m not already getting from somewhere else? And if this app DOES give me something that I already get from somewhere else, is it materially better at delivering that experience to me?

If the answer is no to either of these, it’s highly likely that the rank and file consumers out there, won’t likely give a flying Shazam about your product.

Of course there have to be SOME winners. SOME stuff has to stick. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare and others were all once just a line of code and a dream for some ambitious and wide-eyed entrepreneurs.

But that said, the aforementioned apps all did something relatively novel (YouTube), or did something in a materially better way than the competition (Facebook).