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The Influencer Model Doesn't Work

I’ve been thinking about this a ton over the past couple of months, and have three half-written blog posts on the topic (so I suppose I have 1.5 blog posts then?).

The generally accepted marketing approach of leveraging “influencers” to promote a product in the social media space, is shit.

Finding people with huge followings, giving those people some special treatment in hopes that their chatter will incite the masses into action, is a fool’s errand. It’s blind yelling. It ignores so much of what makes influence…influence. It’s social spam.

AdAge has a nice breakdown. Better than any of my blog posts could have been, so I’ll just hand it over to them.

There is little data to support so-called influencer behavior in social marketing; rather the data suggests that content and ideas online spread through large numbers of people sharing with small groups.

The full article is here.