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Credit Card Idea

I love credit card marketing.

The little tugs at human psychology, and the behavioral economic tricks that these companies use, are fascinating. The “History of the Credit Card” is one of my favorite pieces of media.

One of credit card marketing moves that I love most, is card personalization with photos

The idea here is simple really. If you have three credit cards in your wallet, one American Airlines Mastercard, one Chase Rewards Visa, and another Capital One Visa with a photo of your kids on it, guess which one will be used most? That little bit of personalization, means top-of-wallet.

And top of wallet is what credit card companies are after most.

Now this would never happen, but my semi-evil idea for enhancement of this card personalization, would be to slowly fade out your kids photo (Back to the Future style), if you didn’t use your card enough. Keep using the card, and the photo stays sharp. Switch over to a different card, or slow your spending…and your photo fades away.

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