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The Internet has made it too easy to come up with ideas; the challenge now is making them happen in a world of reducing budgets and media clusterfucks. You need to know how something is going to be made, what it’s gonna cost, how it will be distributed, and you need to 100 percent believe that you can make that happen. Clients don’t buy ideas; they buy people.
The New Agency Creative Team
Clients are assholes who take every good idea you’ve ever had and piss all over them, forcing you to go back to the drawing board and think of even MORE shit. But then, as you’re sitting and stewing and telling everyone what an asshole the client is, you usually come up with another idea, and it’s often better than what came before. Now, the client will also ending up rejecting THAT idea and reformatting an old Christmas ad instead, but at least you’ll have learned that you have a deeper well of creativity than you originally thought, and that your first idea isn’t always your best.

What the Fuck Makes You Too Good For Advertising?

(a counterpoint to “Do Not Go Into Advertising”)