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Rap lyrics turned into street signs, and placed at the spots they reference.

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MAAU - Somerville Edition?

We were watching The Layover last week, which took Anthony Bourdain to São Paulo, where he spent some time with graffiti artist Speto at the Museo Aberto de Arte Urbana. Translated to “Open Museum of Urban Art”, this space is a collection of city sanctioned street art, that adorns a set of 66 panels of graphite installed on piers supporting the elevated section of Line 1-Blue in São Paulo Metro, beautifying an otherwise drab underside of the cityscape.

Museo Aberto de Arte Urbana, Sao Paulo :Leon & Ras + Ana K + Dédo

When I first saw this, one of my immediate thoughts, was how awesome it would be to bring this same type of open-air “museum” to my current home city of Somerville. Specifically, to the piers that support the crumbling overpass on McGrath Highway. Which may be coming down? Or not? I can’t quite decipher from the documents out there.

If it does stay however, I think turning this into a public art space, in an effort to offset the eyesore that is the current structure, would be a great use of the concrete.