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Print Keynote Presenter Notes As Plain Text (Without Slides)

Found this AppleScript that takes all of your presenter notes, and pulls them into your clipboard, for easy text only paste into another file.

This is a huge life/timesaver when you want printed notes for a long presentation, since Keynote has no native way of doing this elegantly.

global presenterNotes
tell application "Keynote"
   open (choose file)
   tell front document
       set presenterNotes to presenter notes of every slide as text
           set the clipboard to presenterNotes
       do shell script "pbpaste > ~/keynote-notes.txt"
   end tell    
   quit application "Keynote"
end tell

The reason they are surprised and relieved, of course, is that most young men and young women—and tweens and olds and anyone, really, with access to a smartphone—act exactly like Sullen Male Youth. All the time. We Instagram meals before we eat them, tweet jokes about news stories we haven’t yet read. If anything, the unfortunate default mode for many of us is hiding behind phones, inside apps. Any other use case sends us into paroxysms of joy and relief.
Seriously, enough with this Apple ad.