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The Internet has made it too easy to come up with ideas; the challenge now is making them happen in a world of reducing budgets and media clusterfucks. You need to know how something is going to be made, what it’s gonna cost, how it will be distributed, and you need to 100 percent believe that you can make that happen. Clients don’t buy ideas; they buy people.
The New Agency Creative Team
Don’t ever leave the agency with work that you believe to be less than Great. Whatever pain is necessary to avoid being a hapless messenger, take it. Agency pain is always less severe than client pain, as long as your motive is better work rather than an easier life, and it doesn’t scar so badly. Heated disagreement with colleagues is far preferable to disappointing a client.
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Free IKEA Idea For McCann/Ogilvy

My agency doesn’t have the IKEA account. From what I can tell, McCann has some and maybe Ogilvy has some too. So here’s a freebie idea. If you think it stinks, well…you get what you pay for.

If you live in a major metropolitan area like New York, Boston, or San Francisco, where land is at a premium and apartments are already tiny and expensive, then you can’t swing a FLÄRDFULL or a FYRKANTIG without seeing a news story on this micro-apartment trend.

Here are a few links to get you caught up.


Not only are these apartments in areas that are dominated by the IKEA customer (young, somewhat stylish, and mostly broke urbanites), but the very idea of them immediately makes one think of the little home-scapes that IKEA actually sets up in their very stores. The entire IKEA showroom is nothing but (micro) life-sized dioramas of awesome apartments, filled to the brim with ÖDMJUKS and SMÖRBOLLS.

Hell, people have even tried to live in the stores themselves.

So the idea is simple. 

IKEA should buy the naming rights to one of these developments, much like a brand buys naming rights to a stadium. So for instance the South Boston development might be called “IKEA Place Harborside Apartments” (I’m not a copywriter, but you get the idea).

And of course, all of the kitchens, and other more permanent fixtures in the units, would naturally be from IKEA.

And to ratchet this up a notch, all residents of the development would have some sort of membership card that would provide them with a 15% discount on all IKEA purchase while they were residents.

Seems like it works to me. The developers get the project subsidized (with private money) and IKEA gets brilliant and ongoing exposure to their precise target market, by providing actual intrinsic value to the residents.

So when this actually happens, all I ask is that maybe there is a little fountain outside of the building, that has a plaque commemorating this post.

Why Ad People Burn Out

Why ad people burn out.

When the de facto goal of an advertising agency–or any other organization for that matter–becomes nothing more than to make the quarterly numbers (or to do whatever it takes to make the client happy), the tether to the hearts of its employees is cut. This is why caring about doing great work is important. This is why your employees need to be proud of whatever is on the computer screen in front of them at all times. We have all seen how much advertising people despise staying one minute past 5:00 to do mediocre work. On the other hand, when they are doing something they are genuinely proud of, you cannot force them to go home.


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