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I'm Big In Indonesia

For some time now, I’ve been getting Facebook friend requests from random Indonesians on a somewhat regular basis. I’d say as often as 2x per week on average.

For the most part I’d been deleting them, and chalking it up as likely being spam, and potentially being some mistake.

After some poking around, it would seem like it was in fact the latter, but for a far more interesting reason than some fumbly clicking. As it turns out, my last name “Teman” means “friend” or “friends” in the Indonesian language

So my presumption is that a few times each week, some young Indonesian is introduced to Facebook, and one of the first things that he or she does, is search for “friends”. And since the Indonesian word for “friends” is “Teman”, I am one of the first results that shows up in search.

Hence my steady flow of new Indonesian…temans.