Andrew Teman

Self Driving Uber Cars

In case you missed it, Google Ventures just plowed $258 million into a massive new round of funding for Uber.

Aside from gasping a bit at the eye-popping numbers and valuations, my first thought was - here come the self-driving Ubers.

It’s no secret that Google has been working on self-driving car technology for a while now. And it seems that lately, they’ve stepped up their efforts to move this from prototype, to reality at scale.

And Uber has been taking a sledgehammer to the taxi/livery industry for the better part of a year now, sucking out inefficiencies in the model, all the while pissing off the entrenched in every city they enter.

The only real inefficiency left in the Uber model, is the need to pay the drivers.

A mainstream roll-out of Google’s self driving car technology would solve that problem.

Kind of crazy to imagine. But not that crazy.