Andrew Teman

Seeking Coffee Dates

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been really deliberate about making time to connect and re-connect with interesting people over coffees or beers. And I find that each time I do this, I leave the conversation feeling intellectually energized.

To that point, I had the pleasure this morning of meeting up with my super smart friend Sarah for a chat, and as expected, she got my mind moving in a hundred directions (in a good way).

I want to do more of this. And starting in August, my schedule is going to be a lot more flexible, so I’m looking to fill up my calendar.

So, consider this an open invite of sorts. If you are an interesting person (artists, thinkers, tinkerers, makers, venture capitalists, advertising people, founders, shit-stirrers, etc) and are keen to grab a coffee some morning, get in touch. 

My corridor is generally along the Red Line, from Kendall Square into the city. So spots along that route are preferred. And I’m an early riser, so 8am or 8:30 is my best time.

See ya out there.

Andrew Teman