Andrew Teman

Re-Thinking 'Media'

I think a lot about what ‘media’ means, and what it will come to mean in the future. I don’t have the answers of course, but I do have some theories, and an extraordinary desire to think of ways in which my clients can spend their media dollars in the new world, that don’t rely exclusively on the old tricks (banners, static print inserts, etc).

Something I do know though, is that the old ways aren’t dying, they’re dead. Any brand or agency that is looking at media only in terms of dollars poured into a fixed digital square, and then counting the number of impressions that come out the other end, isn’t properly exploring the full range of opportunities that exist.

The responsibility of deciding how communications dollars are spent can no longer be the sole domain of the traditional media departments. The way brands communicate and people consume, is just no longer linear and fixed - no matter how many dollars people continue to pour into existing systems and spaces hoping that it is.

B. Bonin Bough had a thoughtful piece in AdAge today, and this particular passage stuck out for me:

It starts with seeing media as investment, not just inventory, with a focus on increasing overall ROI. By tracking how every touchpoint contributes to a growing communication mix across channels, including paid, owned and earned, we can better equip ourselves to deliver media at the most effective points in the consumer journey. We’re asking ourselves: Where do we have the most disruptive opportunities and how should we leverage them?

I love the idea of media as investment and not as inventory.

Media is content. Media is design. Media is experience. Media is your retail space and media is your product. Media is how you see, touch, smell and feel the brand, as much as it is how you hear its message.

'Media’ opportunities exist within every single possible touch between people and your brand, and not just within the pages of a magazine, or the 300x250 boxes on a website.