Andrew Teman

One Week In

It’s been a week (and a few days) since we set off with our new venture Heart, and in short time, we’ve learned a ton. We’ve even gotten a bit of random press along the way (for better or worse).

To the latter point, most of what’s been written, I’ve expected. At least in tone, presentation and packaging. Because tweet-able headlines (of which I am guilty myself), pithy sound bites, and snippets without surrounding context are what drive today’s digital publishing metrics.

I get the game, and understand my place within it.

And while I am not about to defensively go line-by-line through what others have said, I am going to reiterate that we at Heart come from a place of positivity and change. We think in terms of what can be, and very little about what has been.

There are truths in the tension we’ve traded against, as uncomfortable as they may be to some. But this isn’t about my being “disgusted” (I’m not) or Hill Holliday specifically (it isn’t) or Oreo (not that either). 

It’s about our choosing to get up and make change. It’s about doing, and not just saying. It’s about creating action behind the conviction that we have.

We didn’t want to be part of the shrugging masses, hiding behind Tweets and quotes and inspirational sayings, all hollow and toothless. 

So we got up, went out, and formed Heart as a platform to bring what we believe, to life.

They say every great idea at first looks crazy. I suppose some portion of those ideas end up actually being crazy. Ours could very well end up on either side. Time will tell.

But in the meanwhile, thanks to everyone that’s supported us so far. The emails, texts, tweets and kind words have been overwhelmingly amazing. We read them all, and thank you sincerely for being awesome.

Andrew Teman