Andrew Teman

It's Been A Good Week

While traveling back from a quick trip to Los Angeles, two really nice things happened in my professional world.

First, Custom Made (where I am on the advisory board) announced a big new round of financing. Now While I’m not generally one to see raising money as something to showboat about, this is a round led by some blue chip investors (like…Google), and is a real vote of confidence for the model. I’m really psyched to be working with these guys, and excited to begin this next ascent with them.

Next, Hill Holliday (as part of an integrated IPG team) was tapped to lead creative and strategy on Cadillac. This is obviously awesome news for the agency, and I’m incredibly proud of the team here that put this together. I truly feel lucky to have been a part of it, and to have had the chance to work with such smart and engaged people. Can’t wait to kick this one off either.

Hope this week keeps going in a similar direction.

Andrew Teman