Andrew Teman

Google Plus Brand Pages - Let's All Calm Down For A Second

Yesterday, Google Plus business pages finally launched, and the social media nerderati are all a titter.

It’s as expected, the usual hype and yelling, without any bother of thought. Literally, headlines touting Google Plus as beating Facebook and Twitter, without much to back up the link bait opening.

I’m 100% on board with the theory that these pages will have an impact on Google search (the “+” search trick is cool). Google has always been interested in capturing the “second click” (remember Knol?), and Google Plus fits this desire wonderfully. No disagreement that this will have search impact, whatsoever.

But beyond that, I’m really coming up empty so far when I ask the following question…

If I absolutely LOVE a brand, and am already following them on Twitter and Facebook, and I visit their website, and watch their YouTube videos, and get their newsletter, and have their mobile app, where does Google Plus fit into that mix? What am I going to get from a brand on Google Plus, that I’m not already getting from one of the other major channels through which I am connected?

At some point, I (as a user) am just overloaded. I’m “engaging” with your brand in TOO many places, and I quite simply don’t have the need or the capacity, to add another touch-point to my relationship with you. Especially if there isn’t anything there that’s strong enough to pull my attention away from one of the existing channels.

For Google Plus to carve out a spot in the places-you-can-engage-with-a-brand space, these pages either have to give me something I’m not already getting somewhere else, or be materially better at giving me something that I am already getting somewhere else.

Right now anyways, it appears to do neither.

So I get it. This will affect search. But is that it? Is my Google Plus brand page merely going to be a lamer version of my Facebook brand page, but with MOAR INDEXING by Google?

If that’s all it is, I guess I’ll set up some pages. Not because I want to, but because I feel like I have to.

Sometimes I hate the internet.

Andrew Temanthinking