Andrew Teman

Actual Facebook Graph Searches

I came upon this yesterday, and in the ensuing 24 hours, the link has been passed around like mad. And rightfully so. It playfully provides some commentary on what makes Facebook, and the way we “share” information, so odd and revealing.

However, I also saw this post from Vice, which added some really nice perspective, which I love even more.

Okay but here’s the thing: No one who “likes” prostitutes on Facebook actually likes prostitutes (or maybe they do, but that’s not why they put it on Facebook). They “like” prostitutes because they think that it’s a funny thing to put on their Facebook profile. I’m not writing this just to kill the joke (although I’m doing that too); I want to point out that what people “like” on Facebook is radically different from what they like. I like literally thousands of things in the actual world, only maybe ten of which appear on my Facebook page. Unless people start to treat Facebook “likes” as a sort of insurance form and fill it out diligently, thoroughly, and honestly, the whole Graph Search thing seems kind of useless, no? 

Well said.

Andrew Teman